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Critical Thinking and Logic Menu


Topic 1.  Introduction to the course

Topic 2.  Premise and Conclusion Clue Words

Topic 3.  Deduction and Induction; Valid/ Sound/ Cogent

Topic 4.  Explanation

Topic 5.  Independent and Dependent Premises w/ diagrams

Topic 6.  Definition/ Extension and Intension/ Genus, Difference, and Species

Topic 7.  Necessary and Sufficient Conditions

Topic 8.  Categorical Propositions and Classes/ Distribution, Quantity, Quality, Relation/ Square of Opposition

Topic 9.  Immediate Inferences: Obversion/ Conversion/ Contraposition

Topic 10.  Symbolism and Diagramming (Venn) for Categorical Propositions & the Boolean Square of Opposition;

Topic 11.  Categorical Syllogisms including Fallacies & Enthymemes

Topic 12.  Hypothetical and Disjunctive Syllogisms

Topic 13.  Venn for Hypothetical Syllogisms

Topic 14.  Truth Tables

Topic 15.  Informal Fallacies: Relevance

Topic 16.  Informal Fallacies: Presumption

Topic 17.  Informal Fallacies: Ambiguity

Topic 18.  MORE Informal Fallacies including False Dilemma

Topic 19.  Constructing Inference Chains using Universal Categorical Propositions

Topic 20.  Using Obversion/Conversion/Contraposition to Complete the Traditional Square

Topic 21.  More on the Deductive/Inductive distinction including Arguments involving Analogy

MORE Topics to follow…

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